What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

Do you know that 1 in every 5 adults has sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth can cause wild discomfort as your teeth get to react to cold, hot, sour or sweet things and even to pressure sometimes.

There are many different reasons why teeth become sensitive such as trauma and dental disease that destroys the tooth pulp thus resulting in a lot of pain and increased sensitivity. Generally, when the soft part of tooth is gradually exposed by various factors, teeth sensitivity will be unavoidable.

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Various factors are responsible for tooth sensitivity including brushing with too much force, eating acidic foods, grinding your teeth, using tooth whitening toothpaste, gum disease, having excessive plaque, a cracked tooth and decaying.

Tooth sensitivity can fortunately be avoided, managed or reduced by practicing good dental habits. Such include practicing good oral hygiene, not brushing too hard, using a soft toothbrush, avoiding acidic foods, not grinding your teeth and visiting your dentist for regular dental check-ups.

A good long term solution of managing tooth sensitivity is using specially formulated toothpaste to brush your teeth. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth work in different ways, but they primarily aim at minimizing loss of more tooth enamel and facilitating restoration of lost enamel to minimize sensitivity.

Millions of people out there with chronic tooth sensitivity have found great relief in sensitive toothpastes combined with a good oral hygiene routine.

Do you want to find the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

Here are some of the top selling toothpastes for sensitive teeth on the market that are an ideal solution for painful teeth sensitivity.

Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste

This brand of toothpaste helps avoid sensitive teeth, treating gum disease and bad breath, removing plaque, staining, decay and promoting healing of perioral dermatitis and mouth ulcers and canker sores.

It can effectively help you manage sensitive teeth and contains no numbing agents such as potassium nitrate, fluoride or SLS.

If you dentin is exposed, this toothpaste will help seal it by plugging the little tubules holes leading to the nerve. It is plain white toothpaste, slightly good tasting and has very few abrasives.

Using this toothpaste on your sensitive teeth will help you notice some tremendous improvements as it actually fix things with your dental and not just numbing your nerves.

This is a good stuff that you can bet on to make your mouth and keep you feeling good all day long.

Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect Toothpaste

This is a clinically proven toothpaste that reliefs you of sensitivity and protects your enamel. The gentle formula provides fast relief and contains effective ingredients like potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride which are the active ingredients.

This toothpaste provides cavity protection and will provide your enamel against acid wear as well as hardening the teeth surface and remineralizing the enamel.

Even for those whose teeth are sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures, this toothpaste works determinedly to make that a history. It will keep you ahead of those dental problem curves that can make your life a living hell. The toothpaste has the maximum amounts of active ingredients needed for any effective toothpaste.

You will be thrilled with its great minty flavor which isn’t very strong but still freshen your breath and it is a highly recommended brand to consider if you need help for your tooth sensitivity issues.

Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

This is effective gentle whitening toothpaste that is well formulated to provide sound protection against acid erosion on your teeth and to effectively remove stains.

It contains fluoride as part of its ingredients for enhanced cavity protection. Helps whiten and harden the tooth enamel and the fact that it contains fluoride means that it has all the benefits that you get from regular toothpaste.

As modern diets continue to lead to acid erosion, this is one of the top brands that has been providing sound solution to this. It helps prevents acids in foods such as wine and orange juice from dissolving minerals from your teeth.

It helps avoid the enamel from becoming thinner which would make it weaker less white visibly and very sensitive. This Sensodyne toothpaste will help manage sensitive teeth and rebuild your damaged enamel.

Aquafresh Sensitive Toothpaste

This triple protection toothpaste is the best product you can use for your sensitive teeth.

Aquafresh contains sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate as the active ingredients. These ingredients offer a great solution for people whose teeth hurt due to extreme temperatures such as cold and hot.

The good thing about it is that it will target the root cause of your sensitive tooth pain, reduces painful sensitivity and soothes nerves. In addition to all these, you still get to enjoy all the benefits that come with triple protection while whitening your teeth gently with regular brushing.

Aquafresh is a top favorite for many people because of its good taste and the ability to buy it in four pack gives you even more convenience and a much better deal. It works great and takes away the pain completely.

By using this toothpaste, your teeth sensitivity will be history and you will be able to enjoy indulging in beverages and foods you enjoy most. This includes acidic foods, coffee, ice cream and even tea, whether hot or cold.

Tom’s of Maine Maximum Strength Sensitive Toothpaste

Are you looking for natural toothpaste for your sensitive teeth? Look no further than this brand, which is clinically proved to reduce sensitivity and give your teeth the much needed protection.

It has fluoride that offers you more cavity protection and has a sweet soothing mint flavor that you will really like. The good thing about this toothpaste is that it doesn’t contain those questionable ingredients that you should hesitate to put in your mouth.

It has the same active ingredients as Sensodyne so you can expect that it will really work out for you in combating your tooth sensitivity problem.

It is all natural and there is nothing toxic that you should worry about when using this toothpaste to treat your sensitive teeth.

Kiss My Face Sensitive Toothpaste

This is yet another brand that works great in helping reduce sensitivity of teeth to heat, cold, sweats, contact or acids. It has characteristic cool orange mint freshness and contains Echinacea, Iceland moss; Xylitol and olive leaf extract as well as certified organic aloe Vera.

Most importantly, this toothpaste is free from sodium lauryl sulfate and fluoride, which makes it very safe to use.

Besides soothing gums and whitening your teeth, this great tasting toothpaste helps to effectively desensitize your teeth thanks to the addition of the naturally occurring, clinically proven potassium nitrate and contains no preservatives or artificial colors/sweeteners.

Most users love this toothpaste largely because it not only tastes good but contains healthy herbs, contains no fluoride and it is very effective in combating tooth sensitivity. Upon using it, your teeth will be feeling clean and smooth. It is incredibly taste and works effectively for sensitivity.


Using the right toothpaste for sensitive teeth can be an economical and convenient way to manage effectively teeth sensitivity. However, while the toothpastes listed here above are very popular among people looking for ways to manage their sensitive teeth, it is always important that you consult a dentist first before you try any of them. This will help you get professional advice on what’s best for your teeth to ensure that you get maximum benefits from them.