What is the best natural toothpaste?

Brushing teeth is something that you do every day and not just once but twice or thrice each day. This means that you should really think about what you put in your mouth every morning, at lunch and even in the evening before you go to sleep.

Conventional toothpaste that most people use contains some serious toxins, chemicals, detergents, sweeteners and additives, which are a threat to your health. If you take a moment and look at the tube of conventional toothpaste, you will see a warning that you should seek medical help if accidentally swallowed.

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Toothpaste Label Warning

If taking good care of your health is a priority for you, you should know too well that it is a high time you start using alternative toothpaste with natural ingredients and one without these poisons.

While the truth of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to find toothpaste with 100% natural ingredients since even water contains fluoride that is not all that good, it is however possible to minimize the risk considerably. Natural toothpastes are free of harsh chemicals and abrasives, and this makes them relatively safe to use.

In this regard, here is a list of 5 the best natural toothpastes that you should consider using.

Tom’s Of Maine Botanically Bright Toothpaste

If you are looking for a top rated natural toothpaste brand on the market, look no further than the Tom’s Of Maine Botanically Bright Toothpaste.

Regular brushing of your teeth with this toothpaste helps a lot in teeth whitening, freshen your breath and removing plaque by using ingredients that are derived 100 percent from nature.

Inclusion of silica in the toothpaste contributes greatly in making your teeth admirably white and restores them to their natural color.

You will also be thrilled by the exclusive blend of soothing botanicals in this brand that makes it a top buy.

You can forget about artificial preservatives, SLS and synthetic additives such as artificial flavors or phthalates as they are the last things you can expect in this botanical toothpaste.

It is free from both paraben and fluoride thus making it incredibly safe toothpaste to use.

Now Foods XyliWhite, Refreshment

XyliWhite is among the most remarkable natural toothpastes on the market today and there are good reasons why this is so.

This gel is gluten and fluoride free and makes use of a natural sugar known as Xylitol, which tastes and looks like the conventional sugar only that it has much fewer calories.

And unlike other fluorides based toothpastes that contain harmful chemicals, Xylitol is a well tolerated, natural substance that is found commonly in natural sources like berries and fruits.

This natural toothpaste is one of the most superior quality products available out, there is totally safe for the users regardless of their age.

It is free of fluoride, free of SLS and uses vegan/vegetarian ingredients and it is a perfect choice for both children and adults alike.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste

Using this amazing natural toothpaste will leave your mouth feeling awesomely clean and fresh and it is no wonder it is so loved by most people. This is among the selected few types of toothpaste on the market that works great and has no sugars, flavoring or harsh chemicals.

It has a very nice/minty taste and the last thing you should be worried about is strange flavors.

For people who are very keen not to use artificial ingredients when looking after their health, this is certainly the best alternative for fluoride toothpaste that you can buy.

It is a good start to think about when you need to go natural and in addition to cleaning your mouth; it will also that your persistent gum infection is history.

It is good to use for sensitive teeth and it is so much better compared to other toothpastes.

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

This natural whitener will whiten your teeth completely without any harsh abrasives or chemicals.

Sea Fresh Toothpaste includes perilla seed extra as one of the main ingredients, which helps to block sugar acids, which could form tartar on your teeth.

Buying this natural toothpaste keeps you safe from fluoride, artificial preservatives and sodium lauryl sulfate that are not so good on your health especially considering that toothpaste is something that you use on a daily basis.

There is nothing frilly or fancy about this toothpaste but just simple, safe products that effectively work as promised. Sea Fresh Toothpaste is determined to help your keep smile beautiful, healthy and bright, which providing you with a fresh breath always.

It has a great smooth texture, mint flavor and most importantly, no after taste that you should worry about. You will surely be happy that you found this toothpaste as a replacement for your other conventional toothpastes.

Earthpaste Natural Organic Flouride Free Toothpaste

This toothpaste features all the benefits and attributes you can expect to find in toothpaste that has no unnatural additives or chemicals.

While it is not advisable that you swallow any kind of toothpaste, swallowing any of the Earth paste assorted flavors is quite safe and it is unlike any other toothpaste that you have experienced. Once you have used this toothpaste, you will see the great difference it has from the rest on your brush.

The kind of feeling that creates in your mouth is quite good as each ingredient in this toothpaste comes with a mission of supporting your health in every way possible.

And from the wide selection of flavors available, you will surely find your favorite flavor, whether it is cinnamon, wintergreen or peppermint.

Considering the many benefits that you stand to reap by using natural toothpastes, you have every reason why you should start shopping for a new alternative to your conventional toothpaste now.


Natural toothpastes are safe as they contain no chemicals/abrasives/fluoride/ and everyone in your family including the kids will use these toothpastes without any complaints but only praises for the goodness experienced.