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Can Sulfate Free Toothpaste Whiten Teeth?

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

Whiter teeth are always a goal of people, especially those who may be in a higher profile career such as models, TV personalities or celebrities. You don’t have to be famous to want the prettiest, whitest smile you can get. Many whitening toothpastes contain harsher ingredients than regular toothpaste and those chemicals can cause potential […]

What is the best natural toothpaste?

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

Brushing teeth is something that you do every day and not just once but twice or thrice each day. This means that you should really think about what you put in your mouth every morning, at lunch and even in the evening before you go to sleep. Conventional toothpaste that most people use contains some […]

What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

Do you know that 1 in every 5 adults has sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth can cause wild discomfort as your teeth get to react to cold, hot, sour or sweet things and even to pressure sometimes. There are many different reasons why teeth become sensitive such as trauma and dental disease that destroys the tooth […]

The Importance of Toothpaste Without SLS

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

One of the more controversial ingredients that are commonly found in toothpaste is SLS. This ingredient is used in many industrial cleaners such as engine degreasers, various floor cleaners and car wash soap. It is also used in shampoos, shaving creams and some other personal care products. Many studies are determining that it is better […]

What is non abrasive toothpaste?

By KeepWhite / January 14, 2015

Do you know how toothpaste actually works in making your teeth stay healthy and strong? Probably, you have but the truth is that it isn’t rocket science. Toothpastes contain an abrasive element which scraps away tartar and plaque mechanically. They also contain fluoride that strengthens and rebuilds the enamel. Commonly used abrasive elements in toothpastes […]

Is Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Right for Your Family?

By KeepWhite / January 13, 2015

There are many types of toothpaste on the market now that could be right for your families depending on what your individual needs are as a family. Do you have children? Does anyone in your family have sensitive teeth? Are you looking for more natural alternatives? Is it important to you to use toothpaste without […]

What is the Best Whitening Toothpaste in 2016?

By KeepWhite / December 27, 2014

You see her at the end of the bar – a woman so dazzling and perfect in every way that it’s not only a surprise she’s sitting alone, you wonder why the other two dozen or so guys in the pub aren’t falling over one another for the chance to talk to her, to get […]

Recommended SLS Free Toothpaste

By KeepWhite / December 27, 2014

Most store-bought toothpastes, even those recommended by dentists, contain a very bad chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate. Recent studies suggest it is bad for children and adults and you should look for SLS free toothpaste brands. Some of the potential side effects include canker sores, pain, bad breath, dry mouth, and many other issues. SLS […]