Recommended SLS Free Toothpaste

Most store-bought toothpastes, even those recommended by dentists, contain a very bad chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate.

Recent studies suggest it is bad for children and adults and you should look for SLS free toothpaste brands.

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Some of the potential side effects include canker sores, pain, bad breath, dry mouth, and many other issues.

SLS is a foaming agent that is used to help these products foam so less product is used. Unfortunately, it contains a toxic byproduct during the manufacturing process that makes it a dangerous ingredient in your family’s toothpaste. It is also considered one of the most dangerous ingredients in many types of toothpastes.

Instead of cleaning your teeth and gums, it is doing a lot of other things when it foams, including giving you canker sores and drying out your mouth, and can detract from the plaque-fighting ingredients contained in the toothpaste. Also consider this same ingredient is found in engine degreaser, car wash soap, and even garage floor cleaners.

You don’t need to have it in your toothpaste.

Here are some sls free toothpastes that are safe for both children and adults to use.

Squigle Sensitive Toothpaste

The first type of toothpaste available without SLS is Squigle.

It not only does not contain this nasty ingredient, but has many natural ingredients for the protection of your teeth, gums and mouth.

It is known as an enamel saver, giving you white and clean teeth without irritation or stinging.

The benefits of Squigle include containing:

  • many natural ingredients
  • having a peppermint flavor
  • helping with halitosis and bad breath
  • preventing canker sore
  • helping to treat gingivitis and reduce bleeding gums

It contains xylitol to help boost fluoride and fight cavities and plaque. Additionally, Squigle can help with dry mouth and chapped lips.

Squigle is safe for people of all ages, including children.

Xlear Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel with Xylitol

This is a toothpaste meant for kids that cleans their teeth, removes plaque, and prevents gingivitis with the xylitol included.

It also does not have any trace ingredients of sodium lauryl sulfate. Not only is Xlear Kid’s tooth gel SLS free, but also fluoride free.

It is a protective and natural toothpaste that kids want to use due to its bubble gum taste.

The gentle formula does not contain any harsh ingredients, so it is safe for kids just learning to brush their teeth who might ingest some of it.

Xlear has a Dental Defense System in all their different toothpastes that help fight plaque and gingivitis with xylitol, as opposed to artificial sweeteners found in many flavored toothpastes.

Rembrandt Gentle White Mint Toothpaste

One of the more familiar brands and one that is easy to find in most grocery stores and drug stores is Rembrandt Gentle White Mint Toothpaste.

There are more than 50,000 dentists that use this toothpaste in their office and recommend it to their patients.

It is clinically proven to help with canker sores, fight cavities and whiten teeth. This toothpaste does contain fluoride for whitening and cavity-fighting benefits, but is not made with SLS.

Another benefit to Rembrandt toothpaste is that is low acidic and low abrasion, so it is harsh on the teeth’s enamel, while not containing any bad ingredients, like artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Additionally, this is an excellent toothpaste for anyone that suffers from frequent canker sores.

You will notice that by using a toothpaste without SLS, you no longer develop painful and uncomfortable sores in your mouth, and do not have dry mouth either.

Now Foods XyliWhite Refreshmint

For a more natural and organic toothpaste, choose the Now Foods Xyliwhite Refreshmint toothpaste.

It is not contain any artificial ingredients or colors, no traces of sodium lauryl sulfate, and no animal-based ingredients.

The vegan and vegetarian toothpaste is effective at cleaning your teach and removing plaque, giving you fresh breath, and whitening your teeth.

It is also a gluten-free and paraben-free toothpaste that has a fresh and cool mint taste.

If you are sensitive to fluoride products, this is a great choice since the toothpaste gel does not have any fluoride in it. It cleans teeth and freshens breath thanks to the natural xylitol ingredient. Both children and adults can use the Now Food XyliWhite Refreshmint toothpaste.

Primary ingredients of the toothpaste are papain, xylitol, water, glycerin, and others that help you fight plaque.

Flavoring comes from tea tree, spearmint, leaf oil, and peppermint oil.

It is not safe for pets.

Verve Ultra SLS-Free Toothpaste with Fluoride

The last toothpaste you can find that cleans your teeth but does not contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate is the Verve Ultra SLS Free Toothpaste with Fluoride.

It is a gentle, non-irritating formula with natural ingredients that are not animal-based.

It has a cool fresh mint taste, helps to remove stains and whiten your tooth, and the fluoride helps to fight and prevent cavities.

This toothpaste is made in the USA and enriched with vitamin E. Aside from vitamin E, the toothpaste also nourishes you by containing antioxidants and other vitamins.

You will notice surface stains are removed, plaque is gone, and your breath smells much fresher. This toothpaste is used for fresh breath and clean teeth without the use of SLS, while also helping to prevent canker sores as a very gentle formula.


By choosing one of these toothpaste brands, you are keeping your teeth clean and fighting gingivitis, while not ingesting nasty chemicals or irritants. You will notice that your teeth are whiter, cleaner, and free of plaque while you no longer have sores, dry mouth or other signs of irritation.