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Periodontal Disease: Its Causes, Treatment and Prevention

By KeepWhite / February 23, 2015

Dealing with periodontal diseases is not something to be taken lightly; moreover, unless managed wisely, it may lead to other health-related illnesses in addition to those associated with the mouth including diabetes, heart illness and preterm, low-weight infants. While not yet conclusive by medical science as to a correlation between periodontal disease and other health-related […]

Get a Whiter Smile with Vitamins for Teeth

By KeepWhite / January 11, 2015

Using vitamins for teeth and eating good healthy food are effective ways to get not only healthy teeth, but whiter teeth too. There are many vitamins available that will improve the look and strength of your teeth, giving you a smile that you will be proud to show off. Vitamins work from the inside out, […]